Wordpress Denim Themes Free Download

Wordpress Denim Themes Free Download

TSW Denim Theme is a novelty theme to represent a website or blog that will look like a pair of blue-jean pants. Specifically, a novelty because it has less WP functions or Theme Options of which could make it a more functional blog. It does have editor styles for robust editing and widget area in the “Left Pocket.” The content goes in the “Right Pocket” and all pages will appear in the same format of left and right pocket display of articles. The menu is a belt with standard blue-jean loops and the title of articles emulates the famous leather patch of familiarity. Background can be changed to any image or color. Header can be text only (uses script font to emulate tattoo) or add an image of your lower back tattoo.

Wordpress Denim Themes

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Wordpress'de yeni bir tarz tema istiyorsanız, Wordpress denim teması 2 esit kolonlu olması mavi-jean pantolon gibi tasarımı ile dikkat cekici bir tema.

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